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  • Raise your hand to speak.
    The CR group needs to have a sense of order and discipline. This can’t be achieved by people speaking and commenting whenever they feel like it. If someone has something to say in the group they should raise their hand and wait until called upon to speak.
  • Be on time. Doors close promptly at (Group Start Time).
    When we used, we made sure that nothing got in the way of our using. If our dealer told us that he would be at a certain place with our “stuff”, chances are we would be there early waiting for him. It is unacceptable to put less effort into our recovery than we did with our using.
  • Respect the Group Confidentiality. What is said in group, stays in group.
    A person coming into group must feel safe to be able to speak freely about their using, their consequences and their feelings without these things becoming public knowledge. Anyone breaching this confidentiality has committed a serious offense against the group.
  • You may leave the room during group, however, if you do, you may not re-enter.
    When a group starts, it is a time to focus on our recovery as well as helping those in the room that need it. There is nothing so distracting as people walking in and out of the room as this is going on. Each person should be organized enough to do whatever they need prior to the group starting.
  • Smoking is not permitted in or around these premises.
    Many recovery programs do not consider cigarette smoking as an addiction that needs to be dealt with as a part of recovery and as such many allow smoking outside the meeting area. Due to CR being an open group we want to make clear that we do not consider smoking acceptable and certainly not around the meeting premises.
  • No profanity, violence, weapons or threats will be tolerated in this group.
    Again, this is acceptable in many recovery groups but is not acceptable in CR (a Christian ministry) and as such needs to be clearly stated.
  • You may not bring drugs, alcohol or drug paraphernalia into this group.
  • Street names or slang for drugs or alcohol may not be used in this group. Only clinical names are allowed.
    Use of slang to describe drugs, alcohol or events around using is simply “romancing” the drug again and it separates the user from the seriousness of their use.
  • Three instances of rule violation will deem you unsuitable for this group.
    This is a tangible method by which each participant can see and demonstrate a seriousness in pursuing recovery / healing.  If a person attending the group is regularly flaunting the rules then the group has the ability to ask the person to leave based on their lack of adherence to the rules. This “three strikes” system applies to anyone in the room.  There is however one exception:  Common sense dictates that anyone exercising violent behavior in group will be asked to leave immediately to protect those in group in their recovery.